Therapy Gym

The new TOGU Wall is an intelligent combination of a presentation space and storage solution for all TOGU functional training tools and rehabilitation products.  The wide selection of fitting br..

AED 9,922.50

The TOGU Physio Tower is an individually and seamlessly adjustable holding fixture for a versatile resistance training. The wooden material is very robust and easy to clean.Various elastic bands and t..

AED 1,932.00

The TOGU Tower is an individually and continuously height-adjustable retention system for versatile resistance training with 6-piece Theragym Pro Set.The TOGU Tower is attached to a wall of the traini..

AED 2,499.00

Convertible Staircase that can be installed in straight line or 90° corner arrangement. Compact footprint takes up less space and fits in conventional 8’ high ceiling. Steps are 11” deep ..

AED 13,912.50

Parallel Bars with Satin-finish hardwood platform and stainless steel handrails. Features tapered hardwood ends for easy wheelchair access and two “anti-slip” treads on each end. Width adjusts from..

AED 10,804.50

Chrome plated shoulder wheel is mounted on upper and lower wood plates for easy wall attachment. Wall fasteners not included. Handle location adjusts to increase range of motion from 10” ..

AED 2,625.00

Natural lacquered wood product. Facilitates increased range of shoulder motion as fingers climb up and down (36) vertical steps. Pre-drilled holes for wall mounting. ..

AED 651.00

SpineGym – Unique Core Exerciser for your wellbeing! SpineGym core exerciser offers completely new method of exercising your back and abdominal muscles, as well as doing body rotation exercises..

AED 1,575.00
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