Infrared Lamps

The benefits of Infrared radiation on human skin are associated with the physics theory of heat transmission through radiation. Infrared rays put the body’s atoms in vibration, causing a temperature rise while stimulating the body’s cells which are exposed to the infrared source. The use of Verre-et-Quartz lamps helps physiotherapists to work on their patients, while the infrared rays help to loosen up muscles deeply.

Verre-et-Quartz lamps are unique in the field of infrared rays. Combining the quality of quartz with a circular shape, the quartz “circlines” provide deep and homogenous heat distribution. Verre-et-Quartz Quartz infrared lamps have been designed in different configurations which enables the physiotherapist to adapt the treatment in various ways.

Available in 250 Watts version (infrared bulbs) or in 400W (quartz circlines) our infrared lamps meet most requirements and expectations of practitioners requesting infrared treatment.

Solmed UNO is an infrared irradiation lamp intended for heat treatment of tissues with the use of infrared rays. Optional filters included allow for an easy change of the IR light characteristics. ..

AED 4,865.00
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