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Redcord Trainer


AED 2,509.50

  • Ex Tax: AED 2,390.00

The Redcord Trainer is specially designed to tolerate the daily exposure of load, tear and wear. It is used by fitness experts and health professionals worldwide, and is ideal for physical therapy (included in the Redcord Workstation Professional), home training, gyms and fitness/health clubs.

  • Train your entire body with one piece of equipment
  • Use of elastic cords for unloading/downgrading
  • Pull-to rise mechanism for comfortably adjustment of height with bodyweight in the slings
  • High durability. Change the ropes easily when worn out.

* The ideal suspension height is 240 cm.  For higher or lowered ceilings, custom installation is required.



1 x Redcord Trainer

1 x Redcord Straps (pair)

1 x Redcord Trainer Ceiling Suspension (13014

1 x Redcord Mini/Trainer User Instructions (11120)

1 x Redcord Exercise Poster (18537)

1 x Redcord DVD, Introduction to Redcord Exercise

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