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Redcord Elastic Cord, 60cm - Black (Low Resistance)

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Redcord Elastic Cord comes with a hook in one end for attachment of slings, straps and grips. There is a cleat on the other end for attachment to the ropes. The black elastic cords have two lengths, 30 cm and 60 cm, and have the following specs.:

Redcord Elastic Cord, Black 30cm
Elasticity Lengthening in %:      33       50      100
Resistance (kg):                          4.0      4.7      6.7

Redcord Elastic Cord, Black 60 cm
Elasticity Lengthening in %:      33      50      100
Resistance (kg):                          4.0     4.7      6.7

(10% deviation)

  • To unload/downgrade exercises
  • To support body parts for correct execution of the exercises
  • Easily adjustable with the cleat on the Redcord Rope 5 m.

1 x Redcord Elastic Cord, Black – low resistance 60 cm
1 x Safety Information

Max. load: 10 kg

Material: Polyester/Latex
Cleaning: Machine wash 60º
Thickness: 10 mm
Packaging/weight: 170x230x60 mm/0,3 kg

* elastic cords can not be used together with the Redcord Mini.

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