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What is the Redondo Ball? 
The redondo ball is made of soft, foamed and odorless material (PVC). The air filling can be controlled individually by means of a plug closure. The product is latex and phthalates (according to EU Directive 2005/84 / EC).

What does the application do? 
It serves as an ideal pilates partner, for pelvic floor and belly muscle training as well as for neck massage and deep relaxation. The soft yet robust ball is very hard-wearing and versatile in the areas of Pilates, Wellness, Fitness and MindBody. 

How does it work? 
The "foldable" ball for pilates, fitness and pelvic body training is versatile. With little air, the ball can be used as a support pad for the back or neck. It can withstand a body weight of up to 120 kg (for exercises in lying down). Between the limbs, it is also used to fix and strengthen the muscles. Due to the elastic skin it is also suitable for gripping and catching exercises. The light and soft ball can be used well in indoor rooms even when throwing. An exercise post is included. 

Technical specifications: 
Size: 26cm 
Weight: 160g 
Load capacity: approx. 120 kg for exercises in lying down 

 - made in Germany -

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