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Knee Cold Compression Cuff

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AED 241.50

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  • Brand: 66fit
  • Product Code: 50.30.80500

Reduce pain and swelling with the latest in cold compression technology.

Our cold therapy support is the ideal way to ‘ice’ the knee whether it be post exercise, injury or as part of a rehabilitation programme.

Cold compression therapy will help minimise pain, reduce swelling and maximise rehab potential.

The Lumark cold compression knee support cuff is recommended for use post-op and has also proven effective in the treatment of patella tendonitis, arthritis, anterior/ medial cruciate ligament, swelling and ligament sprains and strains.

Simply attach the refrigerated gel lining and adjust the cuff to fit either the left or right knee using the hook and loop fastenings provided. Next attach the pump ensuring that the two-way switch is in the ‘on’ position. Once the desired inflation level has been reached turn the valve to ‘off’ and remove.

Why Choose Compression Cold Therapy?

Manufactured from premium quality neoprene this Lumark support cuff leads today’s field in cold compression therapy, also known as cryotherapy.

Incorporating the latest in cold compression technology, this patented design is the latest in affordable cold compression systems on the market today.

The support is made from breathable, drip-free, washable neoprene and features secure hook and loop straps for easy adjustable fitting and unrivalled comfort and support. Further, it is supplied in a unisex, one size fits all format for your convenience.

The inflation pump supplied features a two-way cut-off valve to easily achieve and maintain the desired level of inflation.

The colour box features instructional graphics to show how to wear the support, with additional in-depth videos available online.


  • Innovative support which uses cold compression therapy to minimise pain and discomfort and reduce swelling.
  • Patented design incorporating the latest in cold compression technology.
  • Features detachable gel lining which can be placed in fridge/ freezer. Inflation pump with handy two-way cut-off valve.
  • Secure Velcro fastenings for comfortable and adjustable compression and support. Breathable neoprene fabric. Fully washable.
  • Suitable for use to treat sprains and strains, swelling, muscle fatigue, sports and other injuries. Ideal for rehabilitation. 


Brand: Lumark
Colour: Black
Material(s): Neoprene
Presented In: Colour Box
Made in Taiwan

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