Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL mit actisan®- made in Germany - How actisan works?Synthetic materials with antimicrobial effect are being used for quite some time in the medical and clinic sector.The sec..

AED 400.00

Senso® balance hedgehog in a set of 2- made in Germany - Balance, train and have fun. Improve coordination, flexibility and body awareness. Applicable particularly in the area of the foot and leg..

AED 140.00

What is the Balanza Kids Seesaw?The portable seesaw - made in Germany - ! Use indoors, in the garden or in day care centers. It has a magic attraction to children because of its stimulative nature, wh..

AED 1,375.00

Bonito®Even the tiniest hands can hold the ears of the Bonito - made in Germany-!For building up muscles and support stability of the spine – ideal during growing period for your child. The bouncy ani..

AED 210.00

Dynair® Ballcushion® XXLWith the Dynair Ballcushion XXL - made in Germany - you can feel and train the deeper laying musculature.It's challenging and boosts the performance for everyone to use it, bec..

AED 400.00

For active sitting, balancing and training. Wonderful if used as super-sized building blocks. For sitting groups, in the waiting room and at home.Technical details:Size: ca. 36 cm diameterMaterial: hi..

AED 210.00

The variety of geometric shapes and bright colours is perfect for balance trails and to increase body awareness or coordination. Colours, two sizes and three geometric forms- made in Germany - *I..

AED 150.00

Knobbed ring Good to grasp and wonderfully soft. For schools, kindergarden and therapy. Moulded in one piece.- made in Germany -..

AED 50.00

Knobbly catch training ball Perfect for small childrenÙs hands. Good for grasping and soft to the skin! Round, pleasant knobs made of skin-friendly material.- made in Germany -..

AED 65.00

Why not ride on a lionÙs back? Leo is particularly stable and wonderfully suited for childrenÙs strength and coordination exercises. Extremely durable.- Made in Germany -..

AED 215.00

Is therapy or play time?The Moonhopper - made in Germany - for adults. Reinforced board (up to 110kg) The jumping gyroscope for excellent ankle stability.Technical details:Size: ca. 40 x 30 cmWeight: ..

AED 95.00

Octositz® Der Multiwürfel “I am small, round but still a cube!“ “You can sit on me, balance or simply have fun with me!“ Ideal for activity trails, for many fun actions and as an opportunity to s..

AED 220.00
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