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Dynair® Ballkissen® XXL mit actisan®- Made in Germany - How actisan works?Synthetic materials with antimicrobial effect are being used for quite some time in the medical and clinic sector.The sec..

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66fit Gym Ball with Pump - Silver - 65cm

One ball, countless uses! The only limit is your endurance!This tough customer also known as an exercise, Swiss, fitness or birthing ball really lets you put it through its paces.Our gym balls are wid..

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Beat those problem areas quickly with the 66fit Pilates Ring! Pilates rings or ‘circles’ are now often used as part of a Pilates routine to add intensity to a wide variety of floor exercises. ..

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66fit Pilates Sitting and Head Block Set

Get into position with the 66fit Pilates Sitting and Head Block SetThis versatile set of two blocks is the ideal tool to help you to achieve correct positioning and alignment for a variety of workouts..

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Strengthen your pelvic floor with the 66fit Soft Pilates Ball Set.The 66fit Set of 2 Pilates Balls is the ideal tool for strength and rehabilitation exercise programmes.Our soft resistance balls allow..

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Dynair® Ballcushion® XXLWith the Dynair Ballcushion XXL - made in Germany - you can feel and train the deeper laying musculature.It's challenging and boosts the performance for everyone to use it, bec..

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What is a Pilates Power Ball?It is a soft, inflatable and very resilient ball - made in Germany - from our category "Piloga" made of foamed PVC. It can be rapidly inflated by mouth. This ball can bear..

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What is the Pilates Circle Premium?A stable ring made off fiberglass with soft handles and 35 cm diameter from our category "Piloga"What is it good for?Due to squeezing the ring, different muscle grou..

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The Pilates Foamroller Premium from our category "Piloga". A wide range of exercises possible. This firm roll consists of durable EVA foam material. A length of 90 cm. Resists slipping away during the..

AED 230.00

For challenging Pilates exercises. Design by Christin Kuhnert. Extra soft and large with 30 cm diameter.From our category "Piloga"Technical details:- Size: 30 cm diameter- Max. load: 120 kg (during ly..

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What is the Redondo Ball actisan? The redondo ball actisan - made in Germany - is made of soft, foamed PVC with actisan. The innovative, patented actisan material is highly effective against..

AED 40.00

What is the Redondo Ball "Feel Redondo"?The redondo ball - made in Germany - is made of soft, foamed and odorless material (PVC) - made in Germany. The air filling can be controlled individually ..

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