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66fit Balance/Rocker Board Set - 45cm

Two Best-Selling 66fit Rehabilitation Products in One!By choosing the dual purpose 66fit Wooden Rocker and Wobble Board set you get the best of both worlds.Using the three easy to fit attachments supp..

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66fit Rocker Board - PVC Surface - 50cm

Use the 66fit PVC Surface Wooden Rocker Board to ensure a speedy return to sportThe 50cm Wooden Rocker allows you, the beginner to intermediate user, to retrain proprioception and coordination and hel..

AED 210.00 AED 147.00

Stabilization and coordination training for competitive and high performance sports training in a new and challenging dimension. TOGU Balanza allows to conduct a holistic training in several levels..

AED 640.00

With a smaller ball diameter below the specific plate made of stable wooden material more safety for patients and handicapped persons is guaranteed.This enables the user in every fitness level and ..

AED 480.00

The new Balanza for physical therapy and rehabilitation. A smaller ball diameter even more safety for patients and handicapped persons is guaranteed. Can be used also in training after therapy phas..

AED 695.00

Balanza® Freeride The Balanza for everybody who wants to train power, coordination and balance in a versatile and effective way. Perception, sensori-motor function and stability will be activated a..

AED 695.00

The new Balanza® Ballstep for more stability and dynamics. With 4 balls below the wooden board it enables active people in every fitness level and age to step into sensori-motor function training and ..

AED 800.00

Fitter First Pro Wobble & Rocker Board Kit. Includes one 20" Rocker board, one 16" & 20" Wobble Boards and stand.   ..

AED 1,595.00

Intermediate to Advanced Wobble Board. 16" diameter. Adjustable to 15, 17 & 20 degree angles. Benefits : - Improved balance & coordination - Heightened sense of body awareness ..

AED 395.00

Beginner to Intermediate wobble board. 20" diameter. Adjustable to 10, 12 & 15 degree angles. Benefits : - Improved balance & coordination - Heightened sense of body awarene..

AED 445.00

The Rocker Board 20" is ideal for strengthening ACL and ankle joints by increasing the R.O.M. This beginner board is perfect for seniors or anyone new to balance training. Constructed of Ba..

AED 495.00
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66FIT Plastic Balance Board - 36cm

Regain sense of balance and coordination and ensure a speedy recovery. Using the 66fit 36cm Beginner to Intermediate Balance Board post injury will allow you to regain and retrain your sense of..

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