Balance & Stretching

Balance boards and balance cushions are great tool for increasing balance, proprioception and stability. Personal trainers and physical therapists recommend our balance boards for training and rehabilitation during recovery from injury.

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66fit Achilles and Calf Stretcher

Stretch out to relieve pain and discomfort with the 66fit Calf Stretchers.This set of two stretchers is ideal for anyone recovering from a lower leg injury or indeed if you just want to maximise your ..

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66fit Balance Pods x 2pcs with Pump

Get fit and have fun with 66fit Inflatable Balance Pods!Whether you are recovering from an accident or injury or just getting fit these inflatable domes are a great fun addition to any rehabilitation ..

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66fit Balance/Rocker Board Set - 45cm

Two Best-Selling 66fit Rehabilitation Products in One!By choosing the dual purpose 66fit Wooden Rocker and Wobble Board set you get the best of both worlds.Using the three easy to fit attachments supp..

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66fit TPE Balance Pad

Turn your training up a notch with the 66fit Balance Pad (Beginner – Professional)The 66fit exercise pad is the perfect companion to your exercise regime. As you work on your core lower and upper body..

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p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 12.0px 'Helvetica Neue'; color: #454545} The AIREX Balance Pad with its smooth surface is ideal for starting out with barefoot balance t..

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The Balance Pad Elite is the further development of the proven Balance Pad. A special waffle textures on the upper and lower sides is slip-resistant on the one hand and simultaneously provides pleasan..

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What is a Dynair® Ballcushion Senso? The Dynair Ballcushion Senso is an inflated and dynamic therapy and training tool made of high-quality Ruton. It is a space saving alternative to an exercis..

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Jump fit! The bouncing training tool to get your whole body in shape.   Your highlight for your health and fitness. Choose the Jumper workout and be fit. The multifunctional training t..

AED 855.00

Jump fit! The bouncing training tool to get your whole body in shape. The Jumper as a mini version. Ideal for one leg exercises and rehabilitation. Approved Dynair technology (2/3 ball). Extrem..

AED 550.00

The first ball cushion combined with a stable base - two pieces of equipment rolled into one, providing even more training and therapy options for sensorimotor functions and coordination. Parti..

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  Your best choice for office and home, 2 levels  Introducing the next generation of Balance Boards. A patented dual level fulcrum allows the board to adjust from basic to advanc..

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66FIT Multi Functional Exercise Board

Step, stretch wobble and rock with the 66fit Exercise Board The 66fit Multi Functional Exercise Board combines four essential exercise products in one revolutionary design. By simply clipping t..

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