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Dynair ® Ball Cushion ® Senso ® XL - the original

What is the Dynair Ball Cushion Senso XL?

The original Dynair Senso Ball Cushion XL - made in Germany - is an air-filled and dynamic training and therapy device. It is considered an uncomplicated and space-saving alternative to the big ball and is used as an unstable underlay for back and fitness training while sitting, standing and lying down. The product is latex-free, contains no banned phthalates and is manufactured at its own location in Prien am Chiemsee (Germany) by TOGU, the inventor of the ball cushion. For the Dynair Ball Cushion XL, TOGU gives a 30-year manufacturer's warranty.

What does the application do? 
A healthy, strong back and a stable body center. The back is effectively and simply relieved and trained on the side. The intervertebral discs are gently kept going and the muscles of the spine are trained. The upright posture can be optimized. In addition, the following effects occur in the so-called sensorimotor training (interaction between the nervous system and the muscular system): improvement of the nervous system, concentration and coordination, joint stability and general movement sequences.

The new Nature Line colors 
The four additional colors basalt, misty-mountain, sea-grass and aubergine are inspired by nature. Thanks to these new and elegant shades, they fit perfectly into any room concept and can be ideally integrated into the living space. Whether in a private or professional environment: Sit well on the new Dynair Ball Cushion from TOGU. Because healthy sitting is moving sitting.

How does it work? 
The air filling, the shape and the special high-quality material enable dynamic sitting and exercising: constantly and immediately minimal movements are transmitted to the body. As a result, the deeper back muscles and the sensorimotor system are involuntarily trained involuntarily. In contrast to sitting on rigid pads, these deep muscles, which are so important for the stability of the body, are also trained. Incidentally, it can be used anywhere - at home, in the office or traveling - and it allows training without any additional time.

Expert opinion of Dr. med. med. Gerrit Sommer, general practitioner and sport physician / chiropractic / naturopathy / team doctor of the German national snowboard team: 
"The functional shape and the dynamic adjustment Dynair Ballkissen can prevent back complaints by moving sitting. The sitting movement activates muscles that stabilize the hips, training the balance and avoiding static incorrect posture while sitting. "

"The Ball Cushion XL is really perfect, because I have no room for a big ball.The first time you feel only this wobbly thing under you. But after a short time you get used to the new feeling and notice: Something happens to my body I sit upright, I always balance and feel my back muscles, the good feeling of doing something for my health on the side is confirmed by my slowly disappearing back pain. " 

Tested and recommended by the forum: Healthy Back - Better Living eV and the Federal Association of German Back Schools (BdR) eV 
Further information at: Aktion Gesunder Rücken e. V., Stader Str. 6, D-27432 Bremervörde, www.agr-ev.de

Technical specifications: 
Dimensions: about 36 cm in diameter 
Weight: approx. 1150 g 
Load capacity: approx. 500 kg

* For complaints, ask your doctor or physiotherapist for advice before the start of the training.

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